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Edenberg 3-9x40
-10 %
Model: 16071
Edenberg sight with 3-9x magnification and 40 mm objective diameter. It will satisfy even the most demanding shooter. Reticle with illuminated dot. A ..
82.00€ 91.00€
Ex Tax:67.77€
Aim 4-16x40 Aim 4-16x40
-16 %
Model: 15706
The Kandar 4-16x40 AOMEG Glass riflescope is a device produced by a Polish brand belonging to the budget segment. Along with the inexpensive cost, thi..
120.00€ 143.00€
Ex Tax:99.17€
Filling Station
-8 %
Model: 16403
High pressure filling station up to 400 barTo save air in the station, it is provided to remove the hose and install a filling nozzle without using a ..
60.00€ 65.00€
Ex Tax:49.59€
Pump Pump
-28 %
Model: 15409
The high pressure hand pump is designed for filling PCP rifles and pistols, as well as their cylinders. It is much cheaper than automatic counterparts..
75.00€ 104.00€
Ex Tax:61.98€
Aim 3-12x44 Sfir Aim 3-12x44 Sfir
-11 %
Model: 15519
The Kandar 3-12X44 Sfir optical sight is made for shooting at medium and long distances, with a magnification of 3 to 12 times. The scope's optics are..
185.00€ 208.00€
Ex Tax:152.89€


Model: JSB-870
Due to its weights, a specially designed shape, perfect distribution of the centre of gravity and alignment the JSB Exact Jumbo pellets are a good cho..
Ex Tax:9.92€
Model: JSB-1.03
JSB Exact Jumbo Diabolo pneumatic bullets, thanks to their weight and specially designed bullet shape, have achieved an optimal distribution of the ce..
Ex Tax:14.05€
Model: JSB-670
Exact Heavy Diabolo bullets in 4.5 mm caliber are round-headed bullets for air rifles and pistols. Weighted, soft lead bullets of high quality, averag..
Ex Tax:9.92€
Model: JSB-510
For the weight, the special profile and the perfect distribution of the center of gravity and alignment, the Exact series is one of the best choices f..
Ex Tax:9.92€
Model: ISOV
Valve for technical gas.Brass material...
Ex Tax:20.66€

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